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Welcome to T4 Tax Limited

T4 Tax Limited is a firm of tax advisers based in Burghfield Common, near Reading, Berkshire. We provide a full range of tax and accounting services. Our clients are mainly in Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London but we also have clients who are based further afield and abroad.

self assessment tax return services

With over 25 years of experience of tax and accounting services T4 offers a wide breadth and depth of experience if you are looking for tax and, or, accounting help.

The services provided by T4 Tax range from tax return services to a full bookeeping, payroll and VAT accounting service.

Self Assessment tax returns for individuals and companies, vat returns, PAYE returns including RTI (Real Time Information) and CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) and Companies House returns.

Why Choose T4 Tax?

Why prepare accounts for your business at all? "For the taxman and vatman"? That's the answer of most small businesses.

So who better to deal with the taxman than a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers with over 25 years experience?

Five good reasons to choose T4 Tax!

good reasons to choose T4 Tax Fixed, competitive fees
good reasons to choose T4 Tax Full tax and accounting service
good reasons to choose T4 Tax Professional, reliable and friendly service
good reasons to choose T4 Tax Over 25 years experience
good reasons to choose T4 Tax Our Service is tailored to your individual needs

What Does T4 Tax Do?

At T4 Tax we provide a host of tax and accounting services.

services offered by T4 Tax Full Tax Return and Tax Advice Service
services offered by T4 Tax Business Accounts and Rental Accounts
services offered by T4 Tax Business Development Services
services offered by T4 Tax Bookkeeping, Payroll and VAT Services
tax enquiry services by T4 Tax Tax Enquiry Consultancy Service

The Annual Tax Return is to be Abolished by 2020

The Government announced in March 2015 that the annual tax return is due to be abolished at some point by 2020.

However, before you start celebrating consider what the new online "Digital Tax Accounts" are going to involve as they evolve and are rolled out over the next few years.

More regular reporting and tax payments, is far more likely, not less. We are already working closely with our clients to ensure they are ready for HMRC Online Digital Accounts. Even more regular reporting to HMRC does not necessarily mean an automatic increase in accountancy fees, at least not with T4. We are helping clients implement processes and systems to be able to easily cope with the new HMRC Online Digital Accounts when they go fully live and the "annual tax return" is abolished.

Who Do T4 Tax Act For?

T4 Tax speciality is small to medium sized businesses. By small we mean sole director companies or sole traders and by medium we mean businesses with less than 50 employees, turnover under £10m and net assets under £5m.

However even if your business is bigger than that you can still have the benefit of T4 services working in association with one of our associate auditing accountancy firms.

Employee tax returns, all the way up to a full bookkeeping and accounting services for small to medium sized businesses and limited companies with a number of employees and directors.

T4 Tax Clients - Sale traders Sole Traders
T4 Tax Clients - directors Employees and Company Directors
T4 Tax Clients - Limited Companies Limited Companies
T4 Tax Clients - Partnerships Partnerships
T4 Tax Clients - Landlords Landlords

T4 Tax Limited

T4 Tax Limited is a UK registered company . The practice has been established for over 20 years. The practice was originally founded in 1989.

T4 Tax Services

T4 provide pretty much all the services a small to medium size business needs from an accountant or tax adviser, and more....

T4 Tax Clients

T4 clients include people from all walks of life and wide variety of businesses or professions including....

T4 Tax Client Types

T4 clients operate a variety of business types including ...

Business Solutions

We can also help clients with business solutions including website design and hosting for their businesss, business email, business telephone number and telecom solutions including redirect to mobile and more, plus SEO (search engine optimisation)and generally developing their business online.