Payroll – Employees

If you are an employee of one of our clients you might find this page useful.

It includes information about how payroll documents and information can be accessed.

And other useful information.

Payroll - Employees

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Payroll Services – Employees

You should address all payroll and employment questions to your employer directly

We are an agency that helps our clients operate payroll but we do not act for individual employees of those employers. 

Unless specifically agreed with an employer we will not engage with employees of those employers directly. 


Payslips and other Payroll Documentation

We use software called “Brightpay” to administer payrolls.

Payslips can be efficiently emailed to employees when the payroll is run and employees can also access payslips, P60s and other other HR documentation online or via a free mobile app.

You may need a password to access emailed payslips for privacy and security reasons. Keep the password you are given in a safe place so that you know how to access emailed payslips.

However, where employers have opted to use the Brightpay cloud and mobile app facilities we also recommend installing the Employee Mobile app as an easy way to receive, read and assess payslips and other payroll documents or data. 

Brighpay is just one of our carefully selected software solutions to create fantastic results for our clients and their employees.


What You will Need

  You will need to install the free Brightpay Employee mobile app to access your payslips, and other documents.

Read the “More Information” button below to find out more.

Install the  free Android or Apple mobile apps to get notifications and access to payslips and other documentation.

You will need the email address linked to your employee record and employee password to gain access via the mobile app. 

You can get this from your employer.


Employee Mobile App (Free)

Install the Brightpay Employee mobile



Beautiful Clear Payroll Documents

Available as Paper & Cloud and App Documents

Clear, Beautiful, Well Presented Documentation

T4 payroll documentation is not only beautiful, clear and well laid out but payslips are available in flexible, mulitple formats to suit each employer. Employer logo, address, and other information is a option.

Not only is documentation availalble to employers in paper or PDF formats but the payroll cloud and free mobile apps make sharing documentation with employees a freeze saving time, resources and costs. 


Some useful videos about Tax Codes from HMRC

HMRC - What is a Tax Code?

How does a Tax Code work?

How Do I update my details online if my tax code is wrong?

Recommendation: Get a Government Online Gateway Account

It is both useful and important to have access to  HMRC and Gov.UK. 

Interact with HMRC and Government via Online Services and HMRC's Mobile App.

If you don't already have a Gateway account use this link below to create one.

Important why?

request coding changes

notify HMRC of any new address

update contact your details with HMRC

track your National Insurance Record

track your State Pension entitlement

and more...

You will need your National Insurance Number, passport or driving licence and a recent payslip or P60 to get through ID verification during the setup process.

IMPORTANT TIP: Screen print important pages such as the user ID page and make a note of the password you setup so that you can easily get access again later. Without your user ID and password you will not be able to login again later.


Simple, Efficient, Effective, Practical Solutions

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