If you are trading via a Limited Company you will almost certainly need a payroll function to be tax efficient.

T4 offers a full payroll service for our clients including cloud and app based documentation for employees.

We have over 20 years experience in payroll and have processes and systems in place that make the operation of payroll as straightforward and simple as possible for clients.

Whether you have 1 or 20+ employees, simple, effective, efficient, practical.


Simple, Efficient, Effective, Practical Solutions


Our Payroll Services

Our payroll & HR Assistance services are very proactive.

T4 staff have over 20 years of experience in operating payrolls for clients.

Efficient, Simple Collection of Information

T4 tailor-make our payroll service client by client to offer ways of collating what gross pay is to be paid to each employee during the month.

Payroll Run

T4’s Payroll System allows for clients to pre-approve payroll before it is finalised and payroll documentation, such as payslips, are distrubuted to staff if they so wish.

Payroll Documentation

T4 has multiple ways that payroll documentation can be viewed and downloaded by the employer and employees, 24-7, 365 days of the year. Either via a browser or mobile apps. 

Superb Payroll Efficiency

At T4 we use the leading BrightPay payroll software which is a market leading payroll software solution.

Why Brightpay? Like all the software, systems and processes we use at T4 our reasons for selecting Brightpay were carefully planned and considered. 

The short answer as to “why Brightpay” is that the way we have implemented Brightpay payroll software results is a host of time and cost efficiencies for our clients. Streamlined efficient solutions that work.

Payslips can be efficiently emailed to employees when the payroll is run and employees can also access payslips, P60s and other other HR documentation online or via a free mobile app.

Payroll costs and tax and national insurance liabilities are super efficiently posted into your QuickBooks Online record and all payroll costs reconciled and matched to bank transactions super efficiently, and wages paid reconciled accurately and efficiently for each employee.

Brightpay posts payroll costs and liability records directly to our recommended accounting software solution, QuickBooks Online where payroll costs and liabilities can very efficiently be reconciled and tracked to bank transactions in real time via the cloud.

An accurate, efficient, practical and useful Payroll Solution.

Brightpay also posts payroll expenses and liabilities to Xero, FreeAgent, Sage, Kashflow and a growing number  of accounting software solutions.

There is an employer online dashboard for employer access to payroll documentation.

Plus Employee cloud and mobile app access.

Brighpay is just one of our carefully selected software solutions to create fantastic results for our clients.


Payroll Fees

The cost of running payroll is usually included in our bookkeeping monthly fee, which are fixed in advance for peace of mind. 


Beautiful Clear Payroll Documents

Available as Paper & Cloud and App Documents

Clear, Beautiful, Well Presented Documentation

T4 payroll documentation is not only beautiful, clear and well laid out but payslips are available in flexible, mulitple formats to suit each employer. Employer logo, address, and other information is a option.

Not only is documentation availalble to employers in paper or PDF formats but the payroll cloud and free mobile apps make sharing documentation with employees a freeze saving time, resources and costs. 

Employment Contracts & Staff Manual

Making HR Documentation A Breeze

Employee Contracts, Handbook & HR Documentation

T4 can also help with employment contracts, employee handbook and privacy policy documents all written by HR specialists. 

Taking the pain our of HR documentation and helping employers comply with employment law.

We use Brightpay Contracts for this service. BrightPay contracts is written and maintained by Employment Law specialists.

Combined with our “e-signing” digital signing service via we provide a super efficient, cost effective payroll and payroll documentation service for our clients.

Saving you time and money so that you can concentrate or your business.  


Simple, Efficient, Effective, Practical Solutions

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