T4 Fees

The fee structure at T4 is designed to be extremely competitive, reasonable and without any suprises.

T4 fees are fixed fees agreed in advance, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Our fees are designed to be inclusive of all relevant services.

Fees are usually paid monthly or annually by agreement.

Fixed Fees

All Fees Agreed in Advance

Monthly Fees

For bookkeeping, payroll, vat and account type of work T4 fees are usually charged monthly to spread the fees out over the period that the ongoing work is taking place.

There is no usually no extra charge for year end accounts.

Annual Fees

Where work is usually done once a year, say for example annual self assessment tax returns fees are charged monthly once the work has been completed.

Monthly option is available for clients if they wish.

Fee Increases

Historically T4 has not applied client wide annual fee increases, such as inflationary fee increases.

The way we have often managed to avoid this is by using the latest technology year on year to increase efficiency, processes and methods to keep costs down.

Where fees increases are necessary these are always agreed in advance and are avoided where possible.

Peace of Mind

No Shocks

Typical fees

Tax Returns

Self Assessment Tax Returns from £295 plus vat.


Annual accounts from £330 plus vat. 

(Often includes Self Assessment Tax Return cost).

Limited Company

Bookkeeping, payroll, VAT, CIS and YE accounts from £175 plus vat.


* Fees quoted are excluding vat and may vary depending on the level of work required.

Fee Quotes

At T4 we are fairly unusual in the accounting sector. Our team do not complete “time sheets” and we do not have “hourly rates” as such for the work we do.

Why? Because our fees are always agreed in advance.

We quote for the work to be done and we manage the time or resources required to do the work within the fee quoted to get the work completed efficiently.

Less time “clock watching” and more time focused on the work to be done.

Competitive Fees

Agreed in Advance for Peace of Mind

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