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As of September 2022, we are having to restrict new clients we take on, mainly to, new clients that are, family of, or business associates of, existing clients. This is traditionally how we have grown through recommendation over the 30+ years, having never done much advertising.

As a busy, well-established practice, we preserve our resources to ensure that we look after our existing clients with an A+ service.

Our clients range from sole traders right up to companies with turnovers in excess of £Million with staff & payroll needs.

We have clients in a very wide range of sectors including, Building & Construction, Business Consultants, IT & Computing, Medical & Healthcare, TV & Media, Wholesale & Retail to name a few.

Our key goals include making things as simple, effective, and practical as possible for our clients, and we also aim to ensure our services are dynamic, useful, and practical in approach and application.


Sole Trader & Individuals

Limited Companies

Directors & Employees


Retired & Partial Retired

Sole Traders & Individuals

Sole trader clients and individuals form a core part of our client base at T4.


Directors & Shareholders

T4 help directors and shareholders with tax efficient extraction of profits from their Limited Company.


Limited Companies

Form company formation right through to exit planning T4 assist our limited company clients with all aspects of the accounting and tax needs.

Partnerships & Partners

Partnerships & partners receive help with all aspect of the bookkeeping, accounts and tax returns for both the partnership and the individual partners.


Landlords with single properties right through to landlords with multiple property portfolios.


Retired individuals.

T4 Tax Limited are not a large firm but we have 4 team members who look after approximately 200 clients of all sizes.

We provide a wide range of clients with a wide range of services tailor-made for each client.

Sole traders to Companies with £Million+ turnovers



Approx 200 Clients & Growing Every Year...

98% From Personal Recommendation...

Excellent Client Retention - Why Leave When It's So Good!


Clients By Recommendation

Approximately 98% of new clients that join the T4 family come as the result of a personal recommendation from an existing client.

This speaks volumes about the focus T4 places on client care, support and service and is a reflection of that.

Clients rarely leave us which we also believe is a reflection of the quality of services we provide.


Clients in Multiple Sectors

Clients Small & Large

Building & Construction

T4 help builders and subcontractors with all aspects of the accounting and tax affairs.


Business Consultants

At T4 we have a number of business consultant clients that work in a range of business sectors.


Retail & Wholesale

Retail & Wholesale clients also form a reasonable proportion of the clients here at T4.

TV & Entertainment

Media, TV and entertaining is a sector that T4 has a number of clients within.


Landlords and other property based businesses.

Healthcare & Medical

T4 have clients that are medical practitioners and others in the medical and healthcare sectors.

T4 Tax Limited has clients in a wide range of business sectors.

The above selection are a small number of sectors that T4 has clients in.

IT & Computing, numberous trader and professions all form part of our diverse and exciting client base.



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