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Tax Services

T4 Tax is a firm of tax specialists based in Berkshire and London. providing tax and accounting services.

The services provided by T4 Tax range from specialist tax advisory services to compliance issues such as tax return preparation and submission to HMRC.

Self Assessment tax returns for individuals and companies, vat returns, payroll returns and Companies House returns.

We can provide a full computerised accountancy and bookkeeping service for our clients as required, including computerised payroll services depending on client requirements.

Self Assessment Tax Returns For Individuals

We provide a fully computerised tax return service for individuals.

"Individuals" includes, employees, sole traders, partners, and landlords.

Self Assessment tax returns and tax repayment claims prepared for individuals.

This service is fully integrated with T4's accounts service where required.

No matter how complex or simple your tax affairs T4 can help with and prepare your tax returns for filing with HMRC.

Self Assessment Tax Returns For Companies

T4 specialises mainly in small and medium sized companies.

 T4 can help with the preparation of your limited company's tax return together with the required IXBRL style accounts now required by HMRC for filing online.

If you run a small to medium size business T4 and want your accounts and tax compliance to be a pain free as possible then T4 Tax is the place to come for your accounting and tax requirements.

T4 uses leading industry accounting software and specialist tax software to manage your tax returns and accounts. We provide a full bookkeeping service too if you require it.

Our specialist area is tax. Why do most small businesses prepare accounts? For the taxman...

As tax is our specialise area you get from T4 what you won't get from the majority of small accounting firms, specialist tax knowledge. But you will also find our accounting services are second to none as well.

Our fees are highly competitive.

Many of the clients that come to use from other accountants they usually find our fees are less that their previous accountant.

We also offer fixed fees and fee payment options for your peace of mind and budgeting.

Tax Enquiry Advice Service

T4 has over 20 years experience in dealing with HMRC. HMRC raise tax enquiries into a growing number of tax returns submitted. Our staff are members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and also the Association of Tax Technicians and are there to help you in the event of a tax enquiry.

Speak to us if you get a tax enquiry. You will find our advice is second to none and don't let HMRC staff bully you. HMRC are required to work within the law (as are taxpayers). HMRC sometimes try and side step tax law and tax cases to endeavor to squeeze more tax out of taxpayers. You will often see HMRC staff say "in my opinion" but when pressed for tax law to support their opinion cannot quote any specific law or appropriate tax case law. We see this a lot and increasingly so since financial incentives were introduced for tax staff.

On top of that tax law in the UK has become one of the most complex tax systems in the world and many would say that gets worse year on year.

We have seen (and resolved) and number of shocking cases for other accountants and their clients of HMRC trying to "make the law up as they go along". Many tax specialists report HMRC does increasingly these days.

HMRC staff are motivated by financial incentives and bonuses (information obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request following a number of denials by HMRC staff). So if you see HMRC behaving rather heavy handedly, without statute, or case law to support any opinions expressed, it is possible this is why.

HMRC have a Taxpayers Charter and they (and you) should abide by it.

HMRC need to be reminded of this from time to time. 

T4 Tax Limited

T4 Tax Limited is a UK registered company that has been established since 2004. The firm was originally set up in 1989 as has been established for over 20 years..

T4 Tax Services

T4 provide pretty much all the services a small to medium size business needs from an accountant or tax adviser, and more....

Our services include:

T4 Tax Clients

T4 clients include people from all walks of life and wide variety of businesses or professions including....

T4 Tax Client Types

T4 clients operate a variety of business types including ...