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T4 Privacy & Data – Data Sharing Consent Form

T4 Tax Limited dynamically, securely, use technology to work efficiently and effectively wherever possible.

In a modern digital world this can include using the internet or “cloud” to share information and documents with our clients.

This client agreement covers the various digital ways we can share data with you.


Document Sharing Consent Form

How We Can Share Your Documents With You

T4 Privacy & Data – E-Docs – Data Sharing Consent Form

Clients can use the following form to agree to various methods of communicating and sharing documents with us here at T4 Tax Limited.

Our docmument shring policy falls in line with our Data & Privacy Policy generally available to all clients.

We select software and data centres and other computer resources that comply with GDPR regulations and are either covered by the EU regulations or the Privacy Shield with the USA.

We take our clients data and privacy very seriously. ALL our 3rd party suppliers are carefully selected to be GDPR compliant and secure. The more ways we can communicate and share documents with clients the easier it is to do the work we do for you efficiently and keep costs down. Please therefore please only restrict the number of methods of sharing documents with you if you have a particular concerns or requirements in each case.

We recommend selecting ALL/ANY DOCUMENT SHARING METHODS, why?

We are constantly adapting to a new world, new technology, systems and processes. To keep our services to clients simple, efficient and cost effective we implement and adapt GDPR compliant e-doc sharing methods over time. FOR EXAMPLE, almost all clients now use our "e-signing" digital signing facility to sign tax returns, accounts and other documents. This is an extremely efficient process and simple and secure to use. We don't use all methods with all clients but limiting the methods of document sharing makes working together harder and less efficient.

E-Docs - Designed for Efficiencies and Cost Savings

The purpose of our e-signing and cloud based document sharing is to create efficiencies in the way we work and keep costs down for clients. In cases were we are unable to create those efficiencies due to restrictions in the way we can communicate and share documents with clients we may need to charge additional fees to cover any extra time or resources required.

T4 take clients privacy extremely seriously.

We undertake data audits internally. Staff are trained to ensure client documents remain private and only available to that particular client.

There is room for human error in any process that involves humans but our data and document internal audits and monitoring proceedures are specifically designed to avoid human error where ever possible.


T4 Privacy Data & GDPR

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