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Motoring Costs & Mileage Claim vs % of Actual Costs Calculator (Tax Year Detailed Version)

Motoring Costs & Mileage Claim vs % of Actual Costs Calculator (Tax Year Detailed Version)

Welcome to our mileage claim calculator.

Clients can use this form to inform us of the mileage they wish to base their mileage claim on for business motoring in their accounts or expense claims we are helping with.

1) If your car requires MOTs, dependent on age of car, your MOT certificates will show the mileage at time of MOT so two consecutive MOT certificates will evidence total mileage.


Our T4 client ref, if known (e.g. A111).
First name
You email address (so that a copy can be emailed to you of your submission)


Which tax year (or accounting period, if different) are you submitting mileage records for? (You can edit the defaulted dates as necessary)
Tax years start on: 6th April
Tax Years End on: 5 April
Did you use your car for business journeys during the tax year concerned?

CAR DETAILS (if more than one car please complete a separate form for each car)

LINK: Click Here to Search Gov.uk (Vehicle Information Search)

(Link opens a new tab so that you can enter the found information here)

Use can search the Gov.uk vehicle database using your vehicle registration number to find the information needed below

Is this car your only car or the only car in your household?
Did you buy this car brand new or 2nd hand?
e.g. VW, Volvo. Ford etc.
e.g. Tiguan, Corsa, Series 5, etc.
e.g. AB22 ABC
e.g. if was 2019 enter 2019
Select last day of month registered
Select actual date you purchased or started leasing the car
Enter the CO2 emissions g/km from the V5 logbook or use the link to search and find that info via Gov.UK (see next field link) e.g. if CO2 is zero enter 0, is 134 g/km enter 134
Zero CO2 Check?
You have entered 0 (zero) as your cars CO2, is this correct as it materially affects calculations of allowances etc.?
If Zero (i.e. electric vehicle) enter 0, if 1489 cc enter 1489
Select fuel type from list
e.g if 2140 kg enter just 2140
List price when new, not when you purchased if 2nd hand.
Cost of Extra Accessories added (when first registered)
Cost of Car


Use the slider to select your total mileage for the period.
Use the slider to select the % of use of the car for business purposes as a % of overall use.


e.g. 50.00 (excl the £ sign) (average for 2021-22 Tax Year was £1.40 for petrol and £1.44 for diesel)

Enter the number of days of holiday taken in the tax year (including the 8 bank holidays if applicable). If zero enter 0, or e.g. 28

Enter without the £ sign
If annual enter 1, quarterly 4, monthly 12

Enter without the £ sign (if Zero e.g. electric enter 0)
If annual enter 1, quarterly 4, monthly 12

Enter without the £ sign if zero enter 0
If annual enter 1, quarterly 4, monthly 12

How are you providing service & repair costs?
Enter without the £ sign (if none enter 0) or enter 0 and provide breakdown below (better).


LINK: Gov.UK - Cars and Capital Allowances

Useful Link for HMRC details about Capital Allowances on Cars for further into




If you wish to provide us with any copy documentation you can upload a copy here (optional)

Maximum file size: 10MB

NOTE: jpg, png and pdf formats allowed, max of 10mb or file upload and a max of 5 docs can be added


Have you entered any estimates? (HMRC expect accurate figures)
Confirmation (Record keeping)
(It is an HMRC legal requirement that self-employed and businesses taxpayers keep records for at least 6 years)
Confirmations (Accuracy)
(HMRC charge fine & penalties to taxpayers for incorrect tax returns, so it is important that you provide us with accurate records and information)
Are you happy for us to use the details provided for completing your tax return and/or accounts?
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