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Was our email about your Personal Tax Return easy to understand?
Did you find our "Combined" pack an easy way to see all your documents in one place?
(Rather than multiple individual document attachments)
Do you understand what tax is payable, when and how to pay any tax due, or what tax is repayable?
T4 recommend paying tax via online banking or mobile app banking as a "bill payment" to HMRC, as once setup it is also there for future use, reducing risk of errors or mistakes when paying.
Do you know what documents and records HMRC require you to keep and for how long?
Broadly any asset, income or expense documents and bank statements, credit card statements, for six years from the end of each tax return deadline (31 January) that affect your tax declaration.
Are you aware that HMRC can issue fines and penalties for inaccurate tax returns?
It is important you check and understand what you are signing and approving for submission to them. It is important you make us aware of all material issues that could affect your tax return, before it is signed and submitted to HMRC.
Did you find our e-signing, digital signature facility quick and easy to use?
via our digital signing account, which included automatic reminders, the return of signed docs to us automatically and your ability to download signed copies too after signing.
Our T4 Fees - Were your aware that on our T4 invoice includes a FREE "HMRC Tax Enquiry" time credit shown in minutes?
Our accounts and tax return fees often include a free time credit that can be used in the event of HMRC raising an enquiry into this tax return or accounts. The time credit is shown in minutes and is an amount of time we will spend, without further charge, helping you with HMRC queries or questions during an HMRC "Tax Enquiry". In many cases this has a value of £750 or more. We provide this perk for our clients instead of "tax enquiry insurance" that some accountants or insurance companies sell. T4 time spent over the included FREE CREDIT time is also discounted to £125 plus VAT per hour which is approximately 25% less per hour we would otherwise charge for specialist Tax Enquiry advice. (This does not stop you taking out tax enquiry insurance as well if you wanted to). (SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS)
Do you have a Government Gateway Account ( and login to it at least once a year? (often called "gateway account") online accounts are where you can access your tax, national insurance record, state pension entitlement, maintain your address and contract details with HMRC, and other issues. Having a Gov Gateway Account is becoming more important year by year. We can help set one up for you if you don't have one.
T4 Website - Do you find interacting us via our website easy?
In our effort to keep costs down and create efficiencies, better services etc., we will be using our website as a new way of interacting with clients. Our website will be a central place where you can provide, and keep up to date, information such as, name, address, DOB, telephone numbers, marital status, children, and other information that we need, and up to date, especially where it can affect the accuracy of tax returns etc. You will also be able book, update or amend meetings face to face or virtrual Zoom Meetings with us, see what future meetings, scheduled items, manage engagement agreements with us and receive reminders, see useful information, and more.


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