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Client Communications Concent Form.

T4 Privacy & Data, GDPR Compliance.

Our general privacy and data concent form for general communication between T4 and yourself.

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Client Communications Consent Form

Client Instructions Made Easy

T4 Privacy & Data – Communication Methods – Consent Form.

Last Updated: 11 January 2021

We endeavour to update the ways we communication with clients and share information and documents to adapt to an ever changing tech world taking into account efficiency, speed, simplicity and ease of use, security, GDPR and client preferences.

Whatsapp (owned by Facebook) changing aspects of its terms and conditions as of Feb 2021

We have added Signal.org messaging as a secure alternative or in addition to Whatsapp as there is generally come concern as to the direction Facebook is going in respect of Whatsapp.

About this form.

Please complete all relevant questions applicable. The * questions are compulsory. It deals with Privacy & Data Policy issues. T4 Tax Limited, and it's staff, take our clients data and privacy issues extremely seriously and have policies and procedures in place to protect clients data & information. Each client should submit separate forms, e.g. spouses.

Aim of this form

The aim of this form is to make it easy, quick and simple for clients to agree to, or comment on, ways of communicating with T4 Tax Limited and/or staff of T4, and agree to our Privacy & Data Policy (GDPR).

Questions or help: Call us on: 0118 449 2404 or 07974 024 390 (John), 07543 165 999 (Julie)


(to help match form submissions with clients records)

T4 - Privacy & Data Policy

If you have been guided to this form by a member of the T4 team you will likely have been sent a copy of our Privacy & Data Policy introduced to comply with GDPR regulations that came into force May 2018. T4Tax Limited is also registered with the Information Commissioner (ICO) in the UK for data purposes.

You consent to:

Please either tick the final "ALL/ANY FORMS OF COMMUNICATION" to agree to any form of communication (Keeps things simple) or tick each form of communication types that you agree to. NB: Please note that restricting communication methods can lead to delays or problems contacting you. All are preferred by T4 but you can restrict the choice here, if you prefer.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to concent to our data policy we may not be able to act for you. This is because by very nature of the work we do for clients we have to compile information and data about our clients in order to do our work for you as a client. Data retention periods will vary for different types of data but these are often infuenced by HMRC policies, insurance policies and other factors. These factors may continue to apply even after you may have ceased to be a client of T4 Tax Limited.


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Client Privacy & Data Consent Form

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