Client Cloud

T4 Client Document Cloud & Library.

Here at T4 we are always at the forefront of technology especially where technology can help make our clients lives easier.

Share documents with us in real time online or via desktop and mobile apps, with automatic notifications of new documents added.

Clients can optionally view and download a complete history of documents we create for them online via a browser or via the cool free app.

Secure Client Cloud

Access Documents 24-7 365 Days of the Year


T4 Client Cloud

T4 can provide optional access for clients to their records with us online or via a mobile app.

Clients can share documents in real time even on the move via their mobile phone.

With automatic notification of new documents available.

Secure, quick, simple, & easy.

Clients who want access to documents via our “Client Cloud” need to contact us for access details.



T4 clients can optionally view accounts online for any year or via a mobile app 24-7, 365 days of the year.

View online and/or download on a PC Mac, tablet or mobile phone on the go.

Secure, Easy, quick, simple, painless.

We still usually email a full set of documents to a client but they can also be viewed online or on a mobile app.

Easy year by year folder structure.

Share accounting documentation with T4 in real time easily.

Tax Returns

Clients can optionally view a full prior year history of tax returns we have prepared for them, online or via a mobile app.

Easy, clear year by year folder structure.

See what information you have give us and we have created or shared with you.

A paperless office saves a lot of time and costs.

An increasing number of clients do much of their day to day work on the move on their mobile phone and the mobile app is great for those clients.

Plus you can sign your tax return on your mobile device in simple, quick and easy way.

Other Resources

Share workings, backup documentation, or anything else seamlessly in real time, easily.

Personalised, secure and private bespoke client by client tutorials or help videos, e.g. QuickBooks help videos.

Pretty much anything that needs to be shared with a client can be done in real time with automatic updates of new documents or resources.

T4 make your life easy…


T4 Client Cloud

T4 Tax Limited client cloud is available at no extra cost or charge to clients.

For clients who wish to take advantage of it.

Secure, bespoke, flexible, comprehensive.

Automatic notification of new documents in real time.

Don’t have a printer or access to a printer and scanner, no problem at all, simply e-sign the document on your mobile phone or using your mouse on your PC.

T4 making things easy & painless for our clients.


Cloud Sharing of Documents

Simple, Efficient, Effective, Practical Solutions

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