Virtual Meetings

T4 has run a virtual, paperless, office for many years.

Video calls, seminars, webinars all combined with screen sharing are a powerful way for T4 to support our clients efficiently, quickly and cost effectively.

“A picture paints a thousand words”and our virtual meetings achieve powerful results for our clients.

Virtual Office

Virtual Meetings


Virtual Meetings

T4 has operated a virtual office for many many years.

Our clients can sign and approve documents digitally, even on the move & and go paperless too.

Virtual meetings are another part of our virtual office.

Video callsscreen sharing, remote control, seminars, webinars, online training and more.

Powerful virtual technology for useful, informative meetings even on the go, easily.

For example, our virtual meetings facility has been used extensively during the Coronavirus lockdown to remotely take our self employed clients through how to claim the SEISS grant and setting up Government Gateway accounts, step by step. To show how easy this can be we virtually took a client through how to make his SEISS claim, on his mobile, while he was sat in the passenger seat of his car eating a sandwich, in around 10 minutes. Super efficient and made the whole thing very easy for him.

Virtual meetings can include lots of participants and are a super efficient, friendly, informative and powerful way to achieve great things efficiently and can save a lot of valuable time.    


Zoom App

At T4 we take security very seriously and we use the Zoom app securely to provide virtual meetings with our clients.

Video calling combined with screen sharing is a powerful way to help, support and train clients, efficiently, quickly and cost effectively. 

Although T4 use a paid version of Zoom, for the additional functionality we require, our clients only need a FREE zoom account to join any of our Zoom meetings, seminars or webinars.


WhatsApp Business

When running a virtual office you need to be able to easily and quickly keep everyone in the loop where necessary.

Our staff have dedicated office mobiles and use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Desktop app extensively with clients.

Not only is it quicker and easier than email in many instances it is a simple encrypted collaboration tool.

We use Whatsapp Groups where multiple staff or client resources all need to be part of the same discussion.


The T4 Virtual Office

At T4 Tax Limited we been innovating with tech for many years. We went paperless long before many offices did. We continue to seek out the best tech to use with clients for an efficient, secure, practical, flexible virtual office solution.

T4 clients have access to T4 resources online and in virtual ways that make life simple and easy. 

From virtual meetings, cloud based dcoument sharing to digitally signing documents we make everything easy for clients.

Don’t get bogged down with paperwork our digital solutions save time and money.

T4 making things easy & painless.


Digital Signing

We Use for E-Sigining

T4 we use to make E-Signing of documents, quick, easy and simple for our clients.

Reminders after 1, 3 and 7 days if a document is awaiting signature.

Sign documents in seconds electronically. We are automatically notified.

T4 like to make things easy for our clients….


Simple, Efficient, Effective, Practical Solutions

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