Engagement Agreements

Engagement Agreements, What, Why and How?

Traditionally, accountants and tax advisers send 20 to 100 pages of long legally worded paper engagement agreements for clients to read and sign.

We think that is outdated and an inefficient way of doing things.

So, we decided to completely re-think this process and have an online interactive engagement process.

All our engagement agreements are:

In plain simple English,

Take you through the agreement step-by-step,

Designed to be useful, explain and inform,

Take a matter of minutes to complete.

You can read, agree, and sign all our engagement agreements online.

Simplicity and ease for our clients.

STEP 1 – Complete our “General Terms” (All clients).

STEP 2 – Then add the individual service agreement(s) for each service below that is required. 


Engagement Agreements Below

NOTE: You need to be a client to complete these online.

Engagement - General Terms

General Terms Agreement

Our General Terms and Conditions agreement is required from all clients, and covers issues such as data, privacy, communication, fees, and other general issues.


Accounts Agreement Terms

Accounts - Limited Companies

Accounts for Limited Companies Agreement

This is our client engagement agreement for our limited company year-end accounts preparation service.

REQUIREMENT: ALL Limited Company Clients

Personal Tax Returns Agreement Terms

Personal Tax Return

Tax Returns – Individuals

This is our client engagement agreement for our personal tax return preparation service.

REQUIREMENT: ALL client that we assist with personal tax returns, e.g., directors, sole traders, partners, landlords and other individuals.

Accounts Agreement - Sole Traders

Accounts - Sole Traders

Accounts Agreement – Sole Traders

This is our client engagement agreement for our sole trader year-end accounts preparation service.

REQUIREMENT: All clients running a non-limited company business.

Bookkeeping Agreement - Quickbooks

Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Agreement

Coming Soon

Bookkeeping Terms - VAT

Bookkeeping - VAT

Bookkeeping Agreement

Coming Soon

Bookkeeping CIS Terms

CIS Returns & Admin

CIS Agreement

Construction Industry Scheme contractors.

Coming Soon 

Payroll Terms


Payroll Agreement

Coming Soon

Engagement - Consultancy Agreement Terms

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services Agreement

Coming Soon

Engagement Agreement - HMRC Formal Tax Enquiries and Investigations

HMRC Tax Enquiry

Formal HMRC Tax Enquiry and Investigations

Coming Soon

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